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I had been looking at the link for about a week..about the Obama family and the dog they will be bringing home soon. But I hadn’t read it. As part of the Movement or whatever (I should copyright that), I very much hope that the Obamas adopt, rather than buy a dog from a breeder or store.


Even I am tired of the people lecturing him on statistics of pure-bred dogs in shelters and how many hypo-allergenic dogs can be found on Petfinder.com.

We are talking about two little girls that were promised a puppy. They just want a puppy! You want to make this a teaching moment?

What I hope the President-Elect teaches his daughters is how to take care of them. To take the responsibility seriously. To understand that any family pet will be dependent on them for its physical and emotional needs. That a dog must be properly trained and supervised so that it is never a threat to other people or pets. So that it will not run off into the street and get lost or hurt. That a pet is part of the family for the rest of its life.

This is the article that started my rant. And this is the picture it printed of the President-Elect and the rescued dog being used in the campaign to shut down the puppy mills.

I think we can count on him to do the right thing. Now everyone, please be quiet. You’ll ruin it for the girls.

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