More Rampant Consumerism

This, Ladies and Gentlemen, is a tiny picture of the “Sloane Leaning Desk”, from Crate & Barrel. I don’t know why I walked into a Crate & Barrel in the first place, except that it was the Christman season. I saw this and have been coveting it ever since.

Since we are getting ready to make our now-annual call to 1-800-GOT-JUNK to clean out some more stuff, I took another look at it. It comes in three colors – white, mahogany and bamboo wood. The first two cost $129. The third, the one that matches the rest of my life, is normally priced at $199. Now on sale for $179 and advertised as all “green”.

Does one spend an extra $50 for something cool from the already over-priced Crate & Barrel? I checked the Internet. Target had it in black for $98. Someone is selling them on Ebay. Leaning desk plus the two matching Leaning Bookcases were $200 after shipping. In the wrong color.

Yes. I bought it. In bamboo. And it is lovely. But for that extra $50…it should have come assembled.

P.S. Isn’t buying bamboo stealing food from the endangered pandas?

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